f0dder's Notepad++ plugins, released as part of the DonationCoder.com NANY 2009 challenge, consists of a number of plugins for the excellent Notepad++ text editor.

GuidGuard: a plugin that generates C++ style header include guards, using GUIDs for the guard identifier - this ensures you won't have identifier clashes even in larger projects, which traditional filename-based guards theoretically risk.

Switcher: a plugin to switch between 'associated' files. Currently it handles switching between asm<>inc, cpp<>h, cc<>h and c<>h. Useful when assigned to a hotkey.

RegRexPlace: a plugin to do "regular regular-expression replaces". Useful when you have often-used regex replacements. I personally use this when writing posts on forums, so I can use my own simplified markup and automatically generated BBCode markup from that. A sample .ini file is included.

Installation information

Copy the desired plugin DLLs to your Notepad++ plugins folder - plugins are supplied in both ANSI and UNICODE builds. Create (or copy the supplied version) RegRexPlace.ini to your Notepad++ config folder.


;Switcher currently has hardcoded file extensions, this needs to be user configurable. The switching logic also needs to be improved, to better handle the cases where multiple file extensions share a common "switch-to" extension, ie., .h<>{.c, .cc, .cpp} - currently .cpp is preferred, which will result in a "file doesn't exist, create?" even if a .c or .cc file exists.


RegRexPlace needs some revamping as well - it needs a GUI for configuration, aswell as being able to handle multiple substitution groups (right now all itemsfrom the config file are blindly applied). Ultimately, I want to handle a list of {regex, replacement} pairs, as well as a list of groups that can reference one or more of the pairs.